June 19

Comments on Blogs!

Hey Charlie,
Your 100wc was quite interesting. I liked your connection to I think what is Sea of Thieves. Something you could improve on is to not use repetition on speech multiple times in a paragraph. Otherwise, your 100wc was really interesting and made me think about that hat.



Hi Annie!

Your story really made me think. I liked how you used rhetorical questions to set the mood. I agree with Libby, your ending wasn’t very strong and could be improved on. Your story overall was a great bit of mystery!

Great job!



Hello Igor,
Your 100wc was pretty good this week. I liked how you separated the main events of each day. It was like a problem and resolution every two days. I think you could work on your grammar because a few times there a comma should have been included.
Kind regards.



Hi Hanna,
Your 100wc was really descriptive. I liked how it jumped straight into the action and after the event, jumped to a moment where he reflected on his past actions.
Great job!

June 19

100wc 8

Everyone was standing around the colossal dominoes terrified. The domino was about to fall and squash hundreds of people in New York.

“Everybody evacuate your houses!” ordered a plump man into a megaphone.

People were screaming and evacuating their houses, then, without warning, the domino that was sent to destroy us all crashed onto the next domino. They kept going, destroying buildings all across New York. The day had come.

“Ow!” I screamed as a domino crashed on my left foot.

I was starting to feel drowsy and tired, then I crashed down on the street and never woke up.

June 13


The GST is a tax that all Australians have to pay when they buy most products. We don’t have to pay GST for the basic foods such as bread, fruit, vegetables and meat. If an item has GST 10% of the cost goes to the government. In the year 2000, GST was introduced, but the government had recommended using before then. The government is thinking about changing the percentage to about 12.5%. This I don’t think has happened yet but it would affect what Australians buy. The current GST is still 10%.

June 6

100wc 7

I crept down the creaky wooden hall making sure not to wake my brother up. As I entered the living room it was silent.

“Where is everyone?” I asked myself.

I opened my parent’s bedroom to see nobody at all. I go into the kitchen and see a strange but familiar hat. I go into my brother’s room and wake him up.

“There’s a weird hat on the table and Mum and Dad are gone!” I say.

My brother gets out of bed and we go into the living room.

It was gone. Why was that hat on the table?

May 29

100wc 6

The rose coloured trooper stormed on to the dusty gravel. I grasped my scooter tight as he threatened to kill people. He strode past me then, all of a sudden a hooded figure shot the man in the back of the head and he fell to the floor.

“Everybody leave!” he ordered.

I excitedly got up and shoved my way through the crowd. The transparent blue windows shimmered in the sunlight as we escaped the old scrap heap of Toronto where I once lived in the Late Era. It is now 2119 and humanity is a complete failure.

Diary of Jimmy 2119.

April 29

100 wc 5

The year is 2109 and me and my family are stuck on planet ESP-2100. It is very much like Earth but there is a strange valley full of aliens that seem not quite dangerous. They use leaves to protect their bodies and are quite disgusting.

Me and my family have been here for a couple of weeks and we’re running out of food. We’ve sent a distress signal so hopefully we escape. I’m extremely worried.

The scenery around us was amazing. There were tall pines and lots of unknown shrubs and plants. This could be a new Earth. A new life.

March 29

Show Not Tell- Abseiling

As I slowly let the rope thread through my fingers, I had an urge to climb down with my hands.

“Keep your fingers on to the rope!” instructed the man running the abseiling.

I kept going slowly and carefully down the cliff face. Do I really have to go sideways? I thought in my head. Then, I went to take a step but there was nothing to step on.

“What? How am I supposed to get down?” I whispered.

“There is a rock poking out underneath you. Step on that then unravel yourself down without holding on to anything,” said Scott.

Now I wanted to scream, louder than anything. I couldn’t take this anymore! I lifted my feet off the rock. It actually didn’t seem that bad.

I got to the bottom after a long and boring ride and Scott unchained me. I may as well had been shaking afterwards.

March 29

Sand Dunes- A Cape Bridgewater Experience

As we walked up a shrubby hill we saw the magnificent sight of the colossal sand dunes. They towered over the rest of the hills full of sand and Australian bush. We walked up the tremendous dunes to a flat area of sand. The wind was violently blowing at us, stinging our legs and attempting to blow our boards away. You could see the deep blue sea behind you and many plants were covered in sand.

When you went down, you could feel the sand nipping your fingers as you sped down the natural masterpiece. You were soon able to go up higher, to the very point of the dune. You could see every little detail from the top to about two kilometres away. This time, when you went down the hill, it was a lot steeper. It almost felt like going down sideways. That’s my experience of the sand dunes.

March 27

100wc 4

I walked off the ground telling myself mean things like “You’re the worst player in the world! You should never have played for this team!” I opened the car door and slammed it closed. My parents tried to settle me but I completely ignored them. As we drove home I kept thinking about the disgraceful loss my team had undertaken.

30 minutes later…

I was in my room constantly punching my punching bag. I kept thinking, “Runners up isn’t good enough! Next time, you better win or else!”

I waited in my bedroom and soon enough sat down on my couch.

March 5

100 wc 3

“No!” I screamed aggressively at my mum.

“Malcolm, you must come to the 78th Annual Red Market Show! If you don’t I’ll stick you up on the roof and take the ladder away until we come back!” answered mum strictly.

A few minutes later we were at the show grounds looking at a man with hundreds of coins stuck to his body.

“Mum, can I go on the sinking mud race?” bribed my sister Emily.

“Alright, but only the kids one,” said mum. She knew she wouldn’t listen.

We then walked along wet pavement to the so called MUD SLAMMER 3000.