June 19

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Hey Charlie,
Your 100wc was quite interesting. I liked your connection to I think what is Sea of Thieves. Something you could improve on is to not use repetition on speech multiple times in a paragraph. Otherwise, your 100wc was really interesting and made me think about that hat.



Hi Annie!

Your story really made me think. I liked how you used rhetorical questions to set the mood. I agree with Libby, your ending wasn’t very strong and could be improved on. Your story overall was a great bit of mystery!

Great job!



Hello Igor,
Your 100wc was pretty good this week. I liked how you separated the main events of each day. It was like a problem and resolution every two days. I think you could work on your grammar because a few times there a comma should have been included.
Kind regards.



Hi Hanna,
Your 100wc was really descriptive. I liked how it jumped straight into the action and after the event, jumped to a moment where he reflected on his past actions.
Great job!

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